Docii™ Document Manager

The Consensii℠ Docii™ Document Manager is a multi-platform application that gives individuals the power to access, comprehend, and effectively act upon large document databases. It is specifically designed for collaborative activities, such as technical standardization and international technical negotiations.

Docii™ Document Manager: Features

Multi-platform, multi-language support
One-click database synchronization
With a click of a button, the Docii tool downloads the contents of the document database for storage on the user's computer. This metadata includes information about each document, including title, authors, upload datestamp, file name, etc.
One-click downloading of documents
The Docii tool keeps track of files that are identified in the database but missing on the user's computer. Missing documents within a user's selection can be downloaded with one click.
Instant document access
Documents can be opened directly from the tool. This means that the user does not need to search for downloaded documents using a file browser.
The user may record notes on each document within the Docii browser. Notes are stored along with the downloaded document metadata.
Search support
Searches and filtering based on source, document number, file name, etc. are supported. Search within the document is not supported.
Available Edtions
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