Notice: The Docii-Mentor Edition Document Manager is provided solely for activities within the IEEE 802 IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee. For all other uses, please contact Consensii LLC for licensing.


How to Use

Run the application simply by double-clicking on the DociiMentor.jar file. The command to start the application from a command/terminal window or in a shortcut or script is java -jar <path>/DociiMentor.jar where <path> is the path to the directory holding DociiMentor.jar. If the application does not start, make sure that you have Java 1.6 or later installed on your computer.

The first time you start the application, you will be asked where you would like to save the files downloaded from the Mentor server. Your selection will be recorded in a configuration file at <home>/.dociimentor/dociiconfig.xml, where <home> is your home directory. By default, files will be organized in separate folders for each working group and for each year within your selected folder, as illustrated below:

Note that the application will not ask you where to store downloaded files if you already have a configuration file. Delete or rename <home>/.dociimentor/dociiconfig.xml if you want the application to prompt you for the location of downloaded files.

You can also edit the configuration file using any text editor (WordPad, TextEdit, gedit, vi, etc.). The file dociiconfig.xml contains ample comments with directions on possible customizations. For instance, you may select which working groups and document groups should appear in the pull-down menus and the order in which they should appear. Restart the application for the edits to take effect.

Here are a few tips and directions that may be helpful when using the application:

Docii™ Document Manager: Features

Multi-platform, multi-language support
The initial version of the tool can run on any machine (including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) with Java 1.6 or higher installed. The tool, for the time being, comes in English, French and Norwegian. Other languages can easily be added without recompilation of the code.
One-click database synchronization
With a click of a button, the Docii tool downloads the contents of the document database for storage on the user's computer. This metadata includes information about each document, including title, authors, upload timestamp, file name, etc.
One-click downloading of documents
The Docii tool keeps track of files that are identified in the database but missing on the user's computer. All missing documents within a user's selection can be downloaded with one click.
Instant document access
Documents can be opened directly from the tool. This means that the user does not need to search for downloaded documents using a file browser. If a document is already open, the tool will bring it to the front of the desktop. If the document has not yet been downloaded, the tool will download it.
The user may record notes on each document within the Docii browser. Notes are stored along with the downloaded document metadata.
Search support
Searches and filtering based on author name, affiliation, document number, file name, upload timestamp, annotations, document group, and more are supported. Search within the document is not supported.
Export to XLS format
The information regarding a user's selection of documents can be exported to an XLS-format file. This information includes the document number and other metadata, the URL to access the file, and user notes.
Consensii℠ Docii™ Document Manager


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